ToeShades Nail Polish - Peelable Non-Toxic and Safe for Anyone to Use.
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ToeShades Nail Polish - Peelable Non-Toxic and Safe for Anyone to Use.

1. What makes “Toe Shades” so unique? The “Toe Shades” polish is a waterbased, environmentally friendly polish that requires no acetone for removal. You will love its long lasting color and easy removal.

2. Why is the product called “Toe Shades”? The product was named “Toe Shades” because this unique polish formula will last on the Toes for up to 21 days without chipping while maintaining a high gloss. Plus it requires NO acetone for removal.

3. Can “Toe Shades” polish be worn on the fingernails? Yes, But the duration of time the product can be worn on the fingernails depends on your activities. Note: Best results will be seen when Toe Shades is used on the toenails. Toenails are dryer by nature therefore, the polish will last up to 21 days or more and will look great! Plus the polish will peel off with ease without damage to the nail.

4. How is “Toe Shades” applied? “Toe Shades” polish should be applied only to clean dry toenails. If applied on the fingernails swabbing with rubbing alcohol prior to application is suggested.

5. How many coats of polish should be applied? At minimum of two or three coats of polish should be applied to insure easy removal of the “Toe Shades” product. Be sure to let polish dry well between coats. Note: standard nail dryers or hairdryers may be used to quickly and easily dry polish.

6. How is “Toe Shades” removed from the toenails? Simply begin by picking polish at the foundation of the nail near the cuticle with your fingernail or fingernail file and begin to pull upward until the polish is completely off the nail. Polish shade should come up in one sheet if at least 2 to 3 coats of polish were applied.

7. Will “Toe Shades” stain my nails like other polishes on the market today? NO! “Toe Shades” can be worn in all shades of color ranging from dark to light without discoloring the nails.

8. Is the “Toe Shades” product flammable? No

9. Can “Toe Shades” be worn over solvent-based polishes? Yes!

10. Is “Toe Shades” a Toluene and Formaldehyde free product? Yes!

11. Is “Toe Shades” safe for my little girl to use? Yes! Toe Shades is a fun and safe way to polish your childs toenails and fingernails. Toe Shades is an environmentally friendly, nonflammable product and has very little odor. Great for children of all ages. Makes a great gift!

12. Does “Toe Shades” have an offensive odor? NO!

13. How long will “Toe Shades” polish take to dry? “Toe Shades” polish will take as long or slightly longer to dry than most solvent based polishes. However, because the product is waterbased, using a nail polish dryer or a hairdryer will accelerate drying times. Polish will dry quickly when these methods are used.

Water, 2-
Butoxyethanol, 1-Methyl-2
Pyrrolidone, Waterbase proprietary
May Contain: Titanium Dioxide,
Iron Oxides, D&C 36 Barium
Lake, D&C Red#7 Calcium Lake,
FD&C Yellow #5 Aluminum
Lake, D&C Violet #2, Butyl Benzyl
phthalate, polyoxyethylene,

Always apply polish to clean dry
nails. Use a non-lotion soap and
water or swab clean with rubbing
alcohol to remove any oil or
residue that may be on the

Shake well before application.
Carefully apply 2-3 even coats of
polish. Let the polish dry between
coats. Cap tightly.

Use a fingernail or fingernail file
to remove any excess polish from
the skin. Polish on the skin will
rub off without using nail polish

Warm air or standard polish
dryers will accelerate drying time.
Do not use acetone or
solvents for removal of the
Toe Shades product–simply
color and peel!

Note: When Toe Shades is
applied on the toenails, the
polish will last up to 21 days.

• Toe Shades will stay on the
toes up to 21 days.

• Requires no acetone for removal.
Simply loosen polish
from corner of cuticle and

• Environmentally friendly
and safe to use. Contains no
formaldehyde or toulene and
is water based.


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